Introducing Patreon

Hi all and I’d like to introduce my Patreon site.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Marc and I am a huge fan and player of Football Manager. The Football Manager community on Twitter is huge and I highly recommend that if anyone wants to catch up with some top quality FM content, simply search for #wearethecommunity.

My role within the community is a blogger where I share my FM stories and sometimes break down my tactical decisions. You can check out my blog at Limited Fullback. I have been part of the FM community for almost a year and I can honestly say if you ever need any help, ideas or issues, the FM community are always willing to help. I’ve also written for award winning blogger, Guido Merry on his fabulous Strikerless website

My role within the community has taken a turn and whilst I am still sharing my stories, I have taken a step into the graphical side of things. I have created a numbers of things for myself and members of the community, such as custom kits, graphical banners and now as part of this site, downloadable kit packs.
Bellow is a banner that I have created for my current FM17 save with RCD Espanyol and one I created for a community member.



Also bellow is an example of the kits you can input straight into your game:


The idea for me starting this Patreon is I want the community to be behind me in this venture, and whilst I really enjoy creating these graphics, it does however get quite expensive. The idea is that donations would help generate money to go towards purchasing more kit templates, upgrading my website and the Photoshop license. I want to make this clear this is not a money making exercise, just purely an opportunity to help fund my editing within the community.

So I hope you will all support me on this ride and a huge thanks to all the support so far.

Current Patrons:




Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it!




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