RCD Espanyol 3.2


Hello and welcome back to the RCD Espanyol save. We last updated approaching January at the season half way point and we were doing pretty amazing. To check out the update click HERE. Can we keep up the momentum or will it slip away from our grasps.

Lets start by looking at some our our young prospects coming through and how they are developing.

RCD Espanyol Youth Candidates_ Squad Players.png

Firstly I’ll start with the latest gem to come through our youth system, Fernando Yanez. He arrived on intake day and just wow. Passing that high at his age. Wow, I cannot wait for him to start getting game time and maturing as a player. He could be a perfect playmaker. I am really excited about this guy.


Next up are four players that have come in though the ranks over the last 2 years. Padilla and Embela in year 1, whilst Ramos and Serrano came in year two. they are all developing nicely as you can see. I have high hopes for all of them.

Antoni Ramos_ Overview Profile.png

Still only 17, Ramos is developing nicely as a Shadow Striker,the next few years will be pivotal for him as I could start to look to introduce him into the first team, all depending on his progress. If he continues with this projection then I will have no choice but to include him.

Pepe Serrano_ Overview Profile.png

Pepe has spent the season out on loan getting first team football with Albacete. This has aided his development and he is looking all round like a decent player. Still only 17 there is more to come from him I’m sure.

Hector Embela_ Overview Profile.png

Embela is very similar to Ramos ability wise and in addition the next few years of development will be vital for him. A year older than Ramos I am keen for him to get a few games under his belt at a higher level. My plans for him are to be loaned out next season to hopefully a Segunda side to get first team football.

Next up is Padilla, my new regen man crush. At 18 he has developed so well that my staff believe he is on par with many DM’s in La Liga. He definitely has potential so I put faith in him and promoted him to the first team. Acting as back up to David Lopez, Padilla played 29 games over the course of the season. This absolutely has helped with his dramatic development. Just look, wow! Only 18 as well!


The last two are Luis Lopez and Pol Lozano just to show you all that these are two hot prospects available at the start of the game. They have developed well and am hoping to see more. Lopez is now vital to the team and have visions of him becoming a future captain.

Luis Lopez_ Overview Profile.png


Moving on now to the rest of the campaign. Firstly I will pick a few results that really impressed me.


barca 21.png

Both these results in the overall season were just a tip of the ice berg. We managed to secure our first ever La Liga title with 4 games to spare. History made by the second team in Barcelona, little old Espanyol. Now we are on the map and making a name for ourselves. We want to be just as big as Barca, if not bigger and all with the brand of Strikerless football.

Here is the league table


I am chuffed to bits with the season, the fact we went so long unbeaten is amazing. It had to happen at some point so to only lose 3 games and draw 6 all year is top draw stuff. 26 games unbeaten, what an achievement. Finishing 9 point ahead of Real Madrid and 17 above Barcelona, just blows my mind. Overachievers, maybe, but we have made a name for ourselves now and need to continue this seasons high standards.

RCD Espanyol_  Senior Fixtures.png

The Copa del Rey went pretty swimmingly also. after lifting the trophy last year, I wanted to at least get to the semi final this year.


barca 40.png

That stunning 4-0 win came in the first leg of the semi final. Feeling confident surely I couldn’t mess up a 4-0 lead could I? Well almost. In true FM fashion we lost the 2nd leg 4-0 but by some fluke won the game on penalties. Meaning we reach the final for the 2nd year in a row. Only this time, Real Madrid stand in our way.

RCD Espanyol_  Senior Fixtures-2.png

Real Madrid were no match for us and Hakim Ziyech blasted in the winner, reclaiming our title and celebrating a fantastic double.

But wait, we have one more competition. Surely we could do the treble could we?

Unfortunately not, but we had a bloody good run. Now I say a good run, the away goal rule was very much in our favour.


To be honest, I was happy just to get to the 2nd round, I knew it would be tough to get past Chelsea, but I wanted an improvement on last year. Sneaking our way right through to the final was exceptional but bloody jammy. I suppose we couldn’t expect to beat Real Madrid in a final again could we? No FM won’t allow that. To be honest, it’s probably fair, in context with the run we had. Bayern should have beaten us and so should have Utd, only Cristiano Ronaldo could stop us. So not the perfect ending but one I am still very much proud of. Our reputation after this incredible year would have shot up.

So that finishes this post, I hope you have enjoyed the ride. Stay tuned for the next post where we discuss plans and the start to season 4. Can we push for the title again, who knows.

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