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Welcome back to the latest update of my RCD Espanyol save. Following my latest appearance on the DLP, I discussed in a @TheDeepLyingPod exclusive the outcomes if this season. But before we dive into that, I want to update you on our youth players from last year, the newest intake and some of the prospects from that intake.

Let’s start with last year’s players.

Alejandro Bernabeau

Still regarded very highly by my HOYD, assistant and my chief scout. I unfortunately am struggling as am yet to see much of an improvement. Even a touch of tutoring from Jose Antonio Reyes didn’t work out well. I am hoping that another season of training with our facilities and games in the youth team will see a bigger improvement, if not then he will be shipped out on loan in a hope of playing a higher standard of football.

Alejandro Bernabeu_ Overview Profile.png

Hector Embela

A young striker who seemed to be improving in all areas across the board. Being trained as a shadow striker he is starting to show he is capable of adapting to what comes his way. The staff are also singing his praises on a very regular basis.

Hector Embela_ Overview Profile.png

Miguel Padilla

Miguel is someone that I really like the look of. He has improved dramatically well in the last year l, his personality and determination has shown he wants to achieve his potential. I want to start giving him opportunities in the first team squad next year, as David Lopez’s understudy. I have high hopes for this chap.

Miquel Padilla_ Overview Profile.png

Jordi Lopez

Another one who is being flanked as a potential star. He has been improving at a steady rate, I would like to see more so I may promote him to the B team or loan him out for a higher level of football. The only thing that puts me off the B team is he might not get the game time, unless I take over there also, hmm maybe?

Jordi Lopez_ Overview Profile.png

Pol Lozano

His performances in the B tram last year and constantly being praised by staff game me no choice but to promote him to the main squad. The idea would be to give him substitute appearances and a few starts whilst being tutored by Lucas Silva. Due to the amount of games in the CL and league, he actually got more game time than I first thought and he did not let me down. You can see he is developing into a very decent playmaker and is still only 18.


Luis Lopez

Luis has become a favorite of mine and his development has been fantastic. His has kept Pazzella out of the side and forced me to take notice. I highly recommend this chap if you want a young CB who can develop. He may very well become an all time great at this club if we can keep hold of him.

Luis Lopez_ Overview Profile.png

Now let’s look at this year’s intake

Not the best intake day ever, but a few that could develop into decent players. The rest may turn out average or may well surprise me. rcd-espanyol-youth-candidates_-squad-players

Manuel Nogues

A decent defender already and with a. Bit of polishing up, he could be close to a Luis Lopez type of CB. If that happens then I could have a very tasty home grown CB pairing. 

Manuel Nogues_ Overview Profile.png

Antoni Ramos

Another  striker who a want to develop into a shadow striker. He is a similar mold to Embela but with better finishing and composure. I a aiming to get him tutored by Dolberg after the season ends.

Antoni Ramos_ Overview Profile.png

Pepe Sorano

Pepe looks a similar mold to Marc Roca, a man who has started to embed in my heart. Not a world beater, no fantastic attributes but overall very sturdy , goes under the radar but give his all. Marc will be a perfectly suited tutor for Pepe and he could well see him venture into the first team within a few years.



Now let’s get into the run to the end of the season. If any of you missed my @TheDeepLyingPod exclusive, if so then I suggest you go listen, I declared our final league position. If you remember we had a shaky start in the league but our CL efforts were spectacular. We ended up turning things around and finished up in 3rd place. A quite brilliant achievement for us after a big turnaround player wise and a new tactical switch. I am immensely proud of the players but one I owe many thanks. In January we picked up a unhappy transfer listed Hakim Ziyech, he linked up beautifully with Dolberg in the final third and I believe he helped guide us to a CL place again.

La Liga Santander_ Overview Stages.png


As you can see our games since the midway point have been very pleasing. Only losing to both Madrid sides over the course of those 23 games. We actually had the lowest amount of loses over the course of the season itself. It was the amount of draws that cost us. Just think we’re we could of come if we converted some of those draws. Never mind it’s still a progression on last year and I am extremely happy.
RCD Espanyol_  Senior Fixtures-4.png

We crashed out to the hands of Arsenal in the CL. I never expected to even get out if the group let alone reach the knockout round. We gave them a go but they shown us their strength over the two legs.

RCD Espanyol_  Senior Fixtures-5.png

Marc Bowen_  Inbox-5.png

Our first silverware coming in the Copa del Rey thanks to a brace from Dolberg. Hopefully this has given the lads a taste of success and we can build upon this into years to come. Bellow are a number of our awards due to our success this season.

Marc Bowen_  Inbox-2.png

Marc Bowen_  Inbox-8.png


Marc Bowen_  Inbox-6.png

The board announced that we install under soil heating at the cost of £2m. To be honest I am quite surprised that we didn’t have it to begin with, the stadium itself is still relatively new so to not have it was a shock. Marc Bowen_  Inbox-7.png

So that brings us to the end of this post, sorry for all the images, got a little print screen happy. Next post we will discuss our plans for next season and how we start coming into the new campaign.

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