RCD Espanyol – 1.4



Welcome back to my journey in RCD Espanyol and due to the main focus in the save being ‘Youth Development’, this post will focus on a few potential stars that have been signed from youth intake day. If you want to catch up on our progress in La Liga then check out RCD Espanyol 1.3.

First up:

Alejandro Bernabéu

What a brilliant name! Regardless of his ability I would have just signed him purely on his name alone. Turns out though my staff believe he has the potential to develop into a 4 star player. At the minute his attributes are pretty low all round, but at 16 he has a good amount of years to change. Now apart from his physical attributes, nothing says “I am a winger”, so I will be taking advantage on his decent passing and  vision by retraining him as Roaming Playmaker. He also has very good decision making and leadership for his age, so a CM role could be great for him. I look forward to seeing his progress. I will also aim for him to be tutored by ex Arsenal legend Jóse Antonio Reyes.


Héctor Embela

Once again my staff have given a great star rating for him, but his attributes look a lot better than Alejandro’s. Now as you can see he plays as a Striker, something that we do not use. So looking at his finishing skills and his physical attributes, he could be an excellent Shadow Striker. Looking forward to seeing how he can develop and hopefully is hair too. Embela will be tutored by Baptistão.

Hector Embela_ Overview Profile.png

Jordi López

A decent CB with a very exciting potential 4.5 star rating. Now his pace isn’t fantastic but it is still better than Per Mertesaker. What he does make up for instead though is his excellent aggression, bravery and positioning skills. I’m Hoping he can become a top CB who can potentially partner Luis López in future years. Unfortunately he has the same hair stylist as Héctor Embela. Jordi’s tutor will be Diego Reyes.

Jordi Lopez_ Overview Profile.png

Miquel Padilla 

Now probably my favourite of them all and my staff as they all believe he could be 5 star worthy. With the new tactical system that I will impliment next year, he could fit in lovey. For a 16 year old he has great mental attributes with a whole lot of room to improve. The poor lad obviously suffers from the same hair condition as Wayne Rooney, let’s hope he doesn’t get ahair transplant, or worse a Donald Trump toupee. He will learn his trade as an Anchor Man for a year, then BWM, DM & Regista, to try and develop him into the perfect all rounder, if that is possible. David López could be an ideal tutor for Miquel.

Miquel Padilla_ Overview Profile.png

Pol Lozano

Pol didn’t come through this years youth intake but has done very well at such a young age in our B team. The plan is for next year is to move him into the first team and start to introduce him into some league game and sub appearances, as well as being available for the U19’s squad. The plan is to train him as a Roaming Playmaker and to concentrate on his Composure. An ideal tutor for Pol will be veteran Playmaker Jurado.

Pol Lozano_ Overview Profile.png

So that some’s up this post, thank you all for reading. Next post will return for our end of season review.

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  1. Did your regens have may negative ‘hidden’ attributes, such as lacks consistency/concentration or doesn’t like big games?

    My regens always have something like this. Is it an issue? Can we work them off it in future?


    • Hi mate, not that I have seen. They all seem to have ambition to either become first team regulars or to win the league. Not seen anything negative. If it’s from the reports then might be worth getting other opinions from different staff members


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