FM17 – The Intro

Hello and welcome to my first post for FM17, well actually this is my 2nd post, you can check out my first post ‘Revival of the Four Horsemen’ on Strikerless which is full of amazing content by the master himself @MerryGuido.

After the success I had with Arsenal I decide that I would dive straight into my first save, I wanted another exciting career and one that could replicate similar enjoyment as my FSV Mainz save back in FM16. Do I opt for a lower league club and build my way up to top? Or do I go for a top flight side and concentrate on developing youth from within? I decided to go for the latter as I really enjoyed doing this last year, but who shall be the team of choice? Which league shall I be in? So I waited until the transfer window had closed before I made my decision.

That’s when a certain someone caught my eye, Pablo Piatti moved to Espanyol on a season long loan. My love affair with Piatti started back in FM09 where he was the maestro in my Premier League winning Fulham side, pulling the strings behind Lewandowski. So, a chance for me to rekindle the flame that was once lit and have another chance to utilise the beautiful Pablo whilst turning Espanyol into a talent factory.

The Club

Espanyol have only spent four seasons outside of the top flight and have been competing in the top division since 1994. They also hold a fierce rivalry that tends to go under the radar here in the UK, we only tend to here of the El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The rivalry is with the latter, FC Barcelona. A rivalry that stretches back to when the club was created, only having Spanish players as apposed to Barca having many foreigners.

Espanyol have won the Copa Del Rey 4 times in their history with the most successful spell back in 2000 and 2006. They have also reached the UEFA Cup(Europa League) on 2 separate occasions but have never managed to win. Being crowned champions of Spain is also something the club have missed out on, with their highest ever position being 3rd.

The club has had many talented players during its lifespan, with the likes of Alfredo di Stefano and their all time top goalscorer Raúl Tamudo. The club have also named it’s training facilities after former club captain Dani Jarque, who died from a cardiac arrest in 2009 at the age of 26. He was part of the club’s youth academy and made of 250 appearances for Espanyol. He was also part of the  cup winning side in 2006.

The Squad


So the squad it’s self isn’t too bad, we have a lot of fairly decent players, with a few stand outs such as Diego López in GK, CB pairing of Diego Reyes and Oscar Duarte, Vast experience in Demichellis, Javi Fuego and Jóse Antonio Reyes, the passing skills of Jurado and 4 fairly decent strikers (yes including Caicedo).

As mentioned earlier the main focus on this save is to develop players through the youth academy, currently the U19’s don’t show anything too promising but there are a few in the Espanyol B team who look like the could develop nicely this year. The plan is to invest heavily into upgrading the facilities so we have a good chance of developing some real talent, with the added bonus of being in the city of Barcelona so we should have a good scouting pool of kids coming through.

There are 2 young players in my first team that I want to give a fair amount of playing time too this year and watch them develop, let me know what you think of them.

Luis López


Now with Luis only being 19 he has plenty of time to develop as a player, the plan is for him to get a decent amount of game time this season and go under the wing of veteran Martín Demichellis. A season or two and we could really start to see how he could develop and if he is worth keeping hold of.

Marc Roca

Marc Roca_ Overview Profile.png

Another 19 year old but looks like more of a whole package, he looks very versatile so could easily play in most roles in the CM, DM or even AM position. My coaching staff also think he could develop into a 4.5 star rating player, so could well have the potential to go places. I really like the look of Marc and he is actually the best passer out of the 4 DM/CM midfielders we have, so I’m thinking of focusing his talents in a playmaking role, but we shall see. Feedback on these two would be great, would be really interesting to hear your points of view on how you would use them.

So that some’s up this first post, thank you all for reading. Next post will be looking at the system we intend to use, will I try the ‘Four Horsemen’ or maybe something different.

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