FSV Mainz 05 – 2.4


Welcome back to my FSV Mainz 05 save where in this post we discuss our new youth players and the development of our academy players 1-2 years into the first team squad. It comes at the point straight after our success in 2021/22. If you haven’t caught up with how we got on, you can check it out by clicking HERE.

We will start with looking at the progress of my first 3 academy players, who have now had 2 full seasons in the first team squad. We will look at our utility defender, Sascha Wengerek first.


Sascha started developing at a relatively steady pace whilst having his individual training plan and a small amount of first team starts. During his 2nd season he managed to gain some more first team football including playing a number of games in our Europa cup run.  Now exactly 1 year ago I stated that I wanted Sascha to play a minimum of 10 games this past season. Unfortunately he didn’t achieve the full 10 starts but a number of substitution appearances having taken his total over the 10 mark. This is something that I will make sure he completes next season as he has approached me asking about being loaned out to gain experience, but selfishly I want him around.

Technical – 131 = +11

Mental – 176 = +22

Physical – 97 = +8

Overall – 404 = +41

Sascha has risen above his projected line of development with his attributes excelling around double the amount of the previous year. At his young age I hope to see this trend continue for at least a few more years. Now I have to state I don’t believe that Sascha will develop into the likes of a Lahm but I do think he can be a solid fullback for any top flight division. My aim is to help these young men reach their full potential and have successful careers. His focus of this year has been set as a right full back for his individual training, in addition to getting more first team game time, he has really boosted his development.

Cem Sahin


Sahin has continued along the same projected path with his development, increasing by just over exactly the same number as the previous year. Sahin has started much more games this last season including games in Europe. The performances have always been at a decent level and he has even managed to score a couple of goals in the process. Sahin has spent the last 2 seasons training on a specific role as a Ball winning midfielder, for the next season he shall be put on a box to box training regime so some of his other attributes can get a boost. The idea with Sahin is he is to become a vital all round midfielder who will very much be part of my long term plans. His high teamwork and work rate really stands out and that he is going to be someone who I want around the club, always working hard for the team and putting others before himself.

Technical – 125 = +4

Mental – 166 = +7

Physical – 97 = +10

Overall – 388 = +21

Roman Huber


Ah Roman, my little gem. My love affair with Roman goes on as he continues to mature into a pivotal first team player. His training programme has gone from a CM to a deep lying playmaker with a PPM of dictating the play.

Technique – 140 = +2

Mental – 174 = +13

Physical – 105 = +4

Overall – 415 = +19

Roman has continued to develop along the same rate as last season, a 17 & 19 attribute increase year on year. His performances have been very good so far and he is slowly becoming a hit with the fans. They love to see a local lad playing for the club and believe he is one of them. His reputation is increasing and he has broken into the German U21 squad. As a result of the high performances and international games, Romans value has increased dramatically, rising from just over 1m up to 15m. Roman is in line to become club captain at some point in the future, he is currently my vice-captain and will take the reigns as he matures.

Simon Damm


Simon played a number of games for me over the season, the addition of European games definitely helped here. He seems to be developing reasonably well over the space of the season, with the hope that he can get a little bit more first team appearances as the seasons go on. It has been a little slower than other players and this is something that I will keep an eye on.

Technique – 128 = + 5

Mental – 165 = + 4

Physical – 106 = + 5

Overall – 394 = +14

Dominik Holscher


I really like the look of big Dom and can see him turning into a really decent centre half. He has the option to be moved up into a DM role, so I may train him as a DLP for a year so we can see an improvement of his vision and passing abilities. He will also learn where a midfielder would like the ball played to him so he shouldn’t give any risky or dodgy passes away.  He is also very athletic for a CB, something which I’m sure everyone would like for a CB. Unfortunately his development has been pretty slow but I aim to stick with him as he is only 19 and I hold high hopes.

 Technique – 137 = + 2

Mental – 154 = + 4

Physical – 114 = + 4

Overall – 401 = +10

Erdem Yilmaz


Due to the long injury to Leroy Sana at the start of the season, Yilmaz managed to get quite a few games under his belt, unfortunately in this period, he also picked up a knock so I promoted another youth to help out, we shall discuss him a little later. The all-round abilities that Yilmaz has something that I like and he did do very well when given the opportunity. His decision making is the 1 attribute that stands out to me as being very important to becoming a good footballer. His attribute change over the year has been pretty poor and something that I’m a little shocked about. I Think I will be sending Yilmaz out on a loan spell for the season to gain more first team football and see what changes happen then. Otherwise he may not make the grade. Maybe I’m being a little hasty, maybe I should get rid now. I would love to know what you all think.

 Technique – 151 = + 2

Mental – 174 = + 1

Physical – 100 = + 1

Overall – 425 = +4

Now let’s have a look at the 3 new youngsters who will be making their way into the first team. We now have a massive 10 youth academy players in my first team squad, 8 of which I have brought through myself.

Petrik Bade


Bade is a young RW who filled in for me during the period when Sane was injured and Yilmaz had to miss a few games. The young man saw the opportunity and ran with it, making me think twice about dropping him back to the 2nd team and even picking him above Yilmaz. He played just short of 20 times and scored an amazing 6 goals during his first season. A great little prospect with an eye for goal, something that every manager would like to have.

Eric Fisch


Eric is another similar defensive midfielder to Sahin and Damm, something that we are becoming overloaded in. This is another reason to why I’m hoping Sahin can become more of a box to box and maybe even trying him at an AM role. Not too sure on that one, literally just came to me whilst writing this down. Eric’s mental attributes are a bit wishy washy, so we shall see how they progress over the season. Similarly to Yilmaz, I may loan him out and see how he does before making and really assumptions.

Jannik Gellhaus


Now Jannik technically didn’t come through the youth academy, he was signed at the start of the season on a free transfer after being released by Leverkusen. There was something about him that I liked the look of so I took the risk and he was loaned out very quickly to … who wanted him to be a first team regular and the back. At this moment I am undecided on Jannik, although his loan was pretty successful things haven’t changed too much. Let’s hope that now our training and youth coaching has been improved, we can start to see him maturing as a player.

Thank you all for reading this post and the continuous support. Next post will be our summer transfer dealings and a plan to how we can continue to crazy ride we are on with FSV Mainz. Can we emulate last season’s epic achievements? Or will we be a Leicester City and just have 1 great season to remember? Stay tuned to find out.

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