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leroy sane


After a very good first season and the anticipation of the new campaign, let’s have a look at our transfer dealings doing into the 2021/22 season.

Now after the very good performances from last season, the vultures were circling and turning the heads of a large number of our players. I knew that things were going to be very difficult trying to keen hold of the nucleus of our side. But unfortunately the vultures had turned a few heads. No less than 5 players stormed into my office demanding a move because as bigger club was on the prowl.

Gotze, Kempf, Correa, Gallardo and Lenis all wanted a move to a bigger club. Now i believe that everyone has a price but I will only sell if I think it is right for the club. let’s have a look at who left during the summer.


The Gallardo and Correa deals also have additional add on’s so more money could be coming our way. Gallardo was the one I really didn’t want to let go of but ultimately I couldnt have an unhappy player bringing the atmosphere down in the rest of the squad.

So 2 right wingers have gone, 2 star CM’s have gone, my RB has retired and 2 older more experienced CM’s have left for a new challenge. A whole lot of rebuilding and an opportunity to give some of the youth prospects more time.

Let’s have a look at the replacements that we made.


Some marquee signings with the likes of Leroy Sane for 4.8m, Bayern just didn’t see him in their plans. Their loss is our gain. Let’s have a look at some of the other signings in a little more detail.

Michael Hawkins


Hawkins contract was due to expire, so I nipped in there quickly and picked him up for a small fee of 2.2m. Initially Hawkins was brought in as back up to Lukasik, but Lukasik picked up a 3 month injury so Michael will get his opportunity to show me what he can do. He has some very good attributes and hopefully he can add a little extra.


Now Simon was brought in as a replacement for Kempf, but Atletico never acted on their interest, so he now will partner Kempf. He got some valuable first team experience with Leverkusen last season and I really like what he has to offer. His value has also increased instantly so I am hoping for potential resale here.


Now Kuijpers was brought in as a replacement for my retired RB, I was pretty desperate here as there were lots of very expensive overly priced players out there and at 14m Brian is nowhere means cheap. in an ideal world he wouldn’t be my ideal signing, he was more of a panic buy as I really struggled to get what I wanted. Overall he is pretty decent, it’s just he aggression that lets him down, he is a bit of a softy with not much desire. On the flip side his value has increased so I’m hoping he will do well for a year then move on for more money so I can get the ideal RB.


Young Salmir here was brought in as a clear replacement for Correa and at a snip. At 21 he looks great and I can only see him improving, he has some great attributes, with aggression and first touch really standing out to me. He can mould into a proper leader for the side. I am very excited to see how he develops.


Lastly an old favourite of mine, I guy who I am very familiar with as he was at Dusseldorf for a while before Schalke snapped him away from me. He fell out of sorts with them and he was mine for the taking. Gallardo you were fantastic and I wish you the best but I have you replacement for just over 20% of you sale price. Max is an all rounder and can do a decent job in any role in the midfield, I am yet to decide if he will be my playmaker or my defensive CM.

The next post will look at how the season has planned out so far and how the tinkered system is working. We shall return at the mid season break.

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