FSV Mainz 05 – 1.3



Welcome back to the next instalment in this series. We are currently at the end of the season, but all season results and analysis will be in the next post. This post will be on the development of my young players, what has worked, what hasn’t worked so well and what I will try in the future.

I mentioned in FSV Mainz 05 – 1.1 that my focus will be on developing young and academy players so they are ready for first team football, something in which I admit I have been pretty poor at in the past. Today we look at the same 3 players at the start of the season and what they look like now. We shall look at the factors that will influence their own development, such as:

  • Coaches & Facilities
  • Individual training routines
  • Tutoring
  • Game time


Now as you can see we done have the best training facilities in the World, hell not even in Germany, but the coaches we have can still make a difference on our players development. In the Bundesliga we are ranked at 1st in all categories except fitness which we are 2nd, so this tells me may coaching staff are the best in comparison to our rivals and our players should benefit. My Head of Youth is also going to give huge benefit to finding the prospects on intake day and influencing their development, his overall attributes are average but in my view he has high numbers in all the essential areas including a determined personality.



So let’s start by looking at one of the lads I showed you previously, Sascha Wengerek.


Now at 17 years old Sascha shows me that he has potential to grow and with the ability to play anywhere across the back line could become and ideal utility defender. His only downside is his height, at 5″4″ he is possibly one of the smallest players I have ever seen on FM, so realistically he will be more suited to a fullback position. The things that stood out to me initially with Sascha was his first touch, aggression and teamwork. the last two are clearly great currently but the first touch has room to increase higher, these are 3 attributes that I look at when signing players for the first team, they all have a huge influence on the high pressing system we are building, more on that next post.

I wanted an initial all round increase to start with and his individual training regime was set as a Complete Wing Back on the Right. This focuses heavily on a huge amount of attributes specific to this role and can be influential in carving Sascha into a great all round Right Back. He also had an additional focus on strength so his tiny little frame doesn’t blow over in a strong wind or so he doesn’t take off when accelerating.

Sascha started with:

  • Technical – 114
  • Mental – 145
  • Physical – 82
  • Overall – 341

End of season:

  • Technical – 120 +6
  • Mental – 154 +9
  • Physical – 89 +7
  • Overall – 363 +22

An increase of +22, For a 17 year old with average training facilities in my view is pretty good. He made 9 first team appearances during the season playing across all 3 defensive roles so he gained a variety of experience there. He also spent the season being tutored by our veteran right back Brosinski. All together this has aided towards his development towards a decent player. Next season I shall aim to start a minimum of 10 games and continue with the CWB training regime. The following 2 years he shall change to Full Back as his individual plan and by then having a minimum of 20 games under his belt. He will then be 20 and hopefully have increase along this same pattern of trajectory.


The next prospect was Cem Sahin our little Turk who I like the look of a lot.


Sahin’s individual plan was set a to train as a CM with the role of a ball winning midfielder. This would go in conjunction with some of his better attributes but for me pushing his aggression to help with pressing opponents. He was tutor by defensive midfielder Oldrup Jensen and managed 12 appearances over the season, mainly from the bench but all helped with his learning. Sahin increased overall by +20, taking his rating from 350 to 370. Once again very pleasing and will aim for him to have more starts next season and continue as a BWM so he can push on. The following 2 years will be firstly a general CM then as a DLP so he becomes more versatile.


The last but defiantly not least, my favourite of the 3, Roman Huber.


Now Huber is a  local lad and is clearly an all round better player than Sahin and Sascha. Now he played a massive 34 times over the season filling in beautifully in the CM(d) role, 28 of the 34 were starting positions. His training plan was as a CM an all round to start with and next year push on to more of a ball winner. Now his determination is 11 but Guido done a fantastic series on youth development and the experiment showed that determination isn’t the be all and end all when development is concerned. He was tutored by club captain Baumgartlinger who filled that role excellently last year, he gave the lad vast experience of playing in the Bundesliga. Also Huber’s personality is Professional which also should show good progress. in comparrission to the first two Huber only increased by 17, which is still great and has come on very well, but I’m puzzled to why. Maybe his hidden attributes held him up here, or maybe more determination is needed here, or maybe it is actually only a small amount and I should just stop bitching. Either way he has improved and I really am developing a soft spot for Huber. I can see him as becoming a vital pivot in the side for year to come and eventually becoming captain lifting trophies and tutoring younger prospects as they come through. Sorry i got all excited and carried away there. Have a look a Huber now and you’ll probably understand.


Now as mentioned in 1.1 I will be looking to bring a minimum of 3 players up from either the U19’s or the 2nd team. Let’s meet the lads and we can see there development next year.

Simon Damm

damm Simon I see as a similar player to Huber and Sahin, the spine of the midfield. With 6 attributes 15 or above I’m looking forward to his progression.

Dominik Holscher


Big Dom will be a great CB in the future and will also train him to push up as an Anchor Man so he can be more versatile as he ages.

Lastly Erdem Yilmaz


This season I have struggled with consistancy on the right wing, Yilmaz will 100% give me a different option and be taught to play how I want as opposed to trying to teach old dogs new tricks, which is proving tougher than a $2 steak. His defensive game shall also make his pressing skills more effective and he could develop into a great winger.

I am looking forward to seeing these 3 grow with my eyes glanced over many others that I wont bore you with now.

I will be back with another quick update in a few days on our season stats and where we shall go next with Mainz and Italy.

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