FSV Mainz 05 – 1.1




FSV Mainz 05 – mid season update

Thank you all once again for the continuous support for the series, we return to the Carnival Club at the winter mid-season break with a brief update on the season so far, transfers and all things going on here at Mainz. It has been a slow progress this far into the save due to my in depth analysis and assessment of the club. The posts will be split into 2 parts. Part 1 – vision & future. Part 2 – transfers, tactics & season progress.

The vision

As mentioned before in the first Mainz update, the board have the philosophy of signing high profile names to the club, a clear desire that they want to grow and become a big name in not only Germany but in Europe. Alongside this the board have announced the unveiling of the clubs brand new 45,000 seater state of the art stadium, something that I completely missed when arriving at the club. No chance of getting it named after me as I have just arrived at the club and barely had chance to stamp my name in the record books. Instead the club decided to name it after one of their legendary player and manager. Someone in who I think is an incredible manager, one with incredible charisma, enthusiasm, a motivator and has a great tactical mind. Someone who I try to base my managerial style and approach on; he is the one and only Jürgen Klopp. The Stadium simply named ‘The Klopp Stadium’ will show that the club is serious about moving forward and after newly appointing me to be the man that transitions the club towards this vision, clearly outlines the drive the club has as a whole. It confirms that I made the correct decision to take the job on as we both have the same goal.

klopp satdium

A new shift

In addition to this I will be focusing heavily on youth development, an area where I probably haven’t been the best in over the years. My usual plan would be to only give youth prospects a chance if they have a 4 star potential or higher. Asides from that, 95% of youth development would be purchased from other clubs.

I have already assessed the squads and put individual training plans to ensure development is precise. I have also put together an excel spreadsheet so I can track the development with a more keen eye. I have found over the years that sometimes my ability to notice development is blinded when I am concentrating on the first team, the here and now. I have set up a rolling 3 month note system on all young players so I can check their progress and compare it to the previous 3 months. This way I feel I can adjust players training more effectively to suit the attributes that need developing, the ones that are developing at speed or simple the one that are not developing all that well. This in addition to regular football and access to the first team will be invaluable to their progress, this is the first time I have decided to do this and will feedback on how it works. I may just be creating somethings else to worry about, but I gives me a real purpose to develop from the academy. I have already promoted 3 young prospects into the first team squad and have all been getting some game time, either as a substitute or in the starting 11. I will try to stick to this rule and promote 3 players each season. Below are the 3 players that I have promoted.

Sasha Wengerek


Cem Sahin – he needs a little more game time to be perfectly honest. 


Roman Huber


Thank you again for reading and the continuous support for this blog. I hope you enjoy. Please like, subscribe and share. If you think of any improvements to the blog or any feedback at all please comment or send me a DM.

Stay tuned for the next part where i discuss transfers, tactics and how the season is progressing.

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