Düsseldorf Diary -Season 5

So a 3rd place finish for Düsseldorf means the opportunity of Champions League football, an what a prospect that is for us at this moment in time. Preseason was exceptionally good, winning 5, drawing 3 and  1 defeat. After the success of last season I decided to maintain the same system with no alterations, the Arsene Wenger in me. The campaign started well winning our first 4 games including a 5-0 demolition over Shakhtar in the CL qualifier. After that point we entered a bad run losing 7 of our next games and only picking up 1 win over newly promoted Hannover. Our next 4 games saw us lose 2 and draw another 2, that is where I decided that clearly enough is enough and tactically we have been completely found out and some big changes were needed. Our next 9 games saw a change in fortune 4 wins, including a 1-0 win over Real Madrid, a draw and 4 defeats going into the winter break.

We were eliminated from the CL but finished 3rd so entered the Europa against bloody Spurs. The winter break was cruel to us and in the next 8 games we drew 3 and lost 5, leaving us in a very precarious 15th place looking frantically over our shoulders. That was then the ultimate betrayal came in, some of my players turned against me including 18 year old Okore who came through my youth academy that I was giving valuable game time to lead a player revolt against me. The board also stabbed in the knife and gave me my marching orders. After stabilising the club to a stable Bundesliga side, something that hadn’t been done in a very long time, thrown out to the wolves like a piece of meat.

Currently it is the end of February 2020 and I am still in charge of Italy after qualification to the summers European Championship. I am hoping to take a job within Germany when one becomes available or could be inclined to move around Europe, watch this space. So I’m sad to say the Düsseldorf Diary is over, but the career will continue.

Thanks for all your support throughout In the last post I went into detail of how happy the strikerless tactic was, now if anyone feels that I was clearly deluded and not seeing something so obvious, please let me know so I don;t make the same mistakes again. Clearly it wasn’t as good as I thought, just having a load of luck.

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  1. Ouch. I do think the AI adapts to strikerless tactics faster this year than previously. Doesn’t mean they can’t work. But they aren’t as unstoppable as past years. Good luck in the job hunt, and make sure to punish your old club when you have the chance. 🙂


    • Thanks mate, I’m really hoping to do just that. I have complete faith in strikerless football, just think I didnt react quick enough to being caught out. Wenger’s stubbornness rubbing off on me.

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      • My pleasure. I do like to employ strikerless tactics as well. Though I won’t throw over quality strikers to make a team strikerless. Especially when they’re F9 or CF(S) strikers who can playmake from the top as well.

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