Düsseldorf Diary – Season 1

Dusseldorg Diary

Season 1 – review

So time has gone extremely quickly, the season has flown past within a blink of an eye. Going into the season the one thing that I wanted to do was build a foundation for Düsseldorf, somewhere to start and have a slow burn into success. Well that was the plan anyway. What happened instead was completely different and honestly unexpected. 

Setting the scene

Saturday 14th May 2016 and it is a gusty grey afternoon. The final game of the 2. Bundesliga awaits. The Championship is due to be decided as well as the promotion and relegation play off places. Düsseldorf welcome Heidenheim to the ESPRIT Arena. What should have been a end of season mid table, nothing to play for fixture has actually turned out to be a massive fixture. Düsseldorf are currently sitting at the dizzy heights of 1st place with Freiburg snapping at their heels. Both sides have already been granted the achievement of promotion to the top tier, but are only separated by 2 points, so the Championship will be decided on the final fixture. Düsseldorf host Heidenheim, whilst Freiburg travel to 3rd place Nürnburg, who themselves are looking to guarantee a promotion play off place. Freiburg must win and hope that Düsseldorf doesn’t in order to clinch the title away from  them. The fans show their continuous amazing support for the side, willing them on to win.


What happens next?

Düsseldorf are set up for the win, Bowen knows that only a win will do as Freiburg are more than capable of going to Nürnburg and snatching a win. However Heidenheim put up a fight and Düsseldorf simply cannot find a way through. Anxiety is spreading through the fans and collecting momentum, it reaches down to the players and the staff. Supporters frantically checking their phones to find out the score in Nürnburg. The final whistle goes at ESPRIT and it finishes 0-0. But it hasnt finish in Nürnburg yet, what will be the outcome. The players are all waiting on the pitch desperate to find out the result. Then the crowd erupts, Freiburg drew with Nürnburg 2-2, meaning Düsseldorf are Championsh of the 2. Bundesliga. The players and staff are overjoyed, the fans go crazy, this is the first title since 1989.


We were predicted to finish 7th, the board were happy with mid table, I was happy with mid table. Never did I believe we would gain promotion, let alone win the league in  the first season. An amazing achievement and one that I am extremely proud of, especially as I was using my strikerless tactic for the first time. It started well so with a few tweaks along the way, it helped us along the way to achieve my first piece of silverware. Of course the first of many trophies (I hope).

Dusseldorg Diary predictions

2. Bundesliga Table

Dusseldorg Diary - season 1 table.png


Dusseldorg Diary - season 1 fixtures.png

Overall I am delighted with my first season in charge. The next challenge will be survival in the top flight. The Bundesliga will be tough, reinforcements will need to be made if we are to stand any hope. We had no money what so ever so we made no transfers apart from a few U20’s on a free transfer. But they are so so and not even worth showing. I am hoping for a bit of money, but I am going to have to be very smart during this transfer window. We have 3-4 players who are returning to their clubs after a loan spell and no doubt bigger clubs will be looking at some of my other players too. I need to try and keep hold of most of the squad so I can keep some spine and cohesion within the side. Other wise we could have a swift return back to 2nd tier and continue the yo-yo pattern that Düsseldorf have been so fond of over the years.

Keep posted for my next update which should hopefully be mid season. Thank you again for reading and the continuous support for this blog. I hope you enjoy. Please like, subscribe and share. If you think of any improvements to the blog or any feedback please send your comments.

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